A TRAVEL pass scheme which would help unemployed people if they find a job will seek approval from Wirral's cabinet tomorrow. 

A report before councillors at Wallasey Town Hall tomorrow night will ask them to approve the purchase of Trio, Solo, Saveaway or Railpass tickets from Merseytravel as part of the council’s Travel Solutions Scheme.

If approved the tickets will be given to people who find employment but need financial help to get to the workplace.

Those meeting the criteria would receive the relevant travel pass for their needs for one month, while waiting for their first pay packet.

The Travel Solutions scheme is fully funded through the Department of Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

It received a major funding boost last year, with a successful bid for £3.2 million adding to the previous ‘key component’ funding of £810,000 the scheme had already received.

Councillor Harry Smith, cabinet member for Streetscene and Transport Services, said: "We know that cost can be a major barrier to people accepting job offers which are a little bit further for them to travel.

"The Travel Solutions scheme has been helping to remove those barriers by providing a variety of options to help people travel to work and the idea of providing them with free travel passes for a month, while they earn their first month’s pay, is an extension of that."