Next year's fundraising Wirral Egg Run has been cancelled and Trustees are asking bikers NOT to attempt to organise an unofficial event.

A statement from the organising committee says it is with great regret that the event planned for March 2013 has been called off.

This is primarily due to a lack of support and sponsorship.

The Trustees plan to bring the Run back in 2014 "bigger and better than ever before" and the break will allow time for new sponsors to be found.

The statement says: "However we must make it clear, the Egg Run is a registered charity and the name and the concept/event belong solely to the charity and would ask that all of our many and valued supporters refrain from organising their own version of the event.

"We have been advised by Merseyside Police, the Charity Commissioners and Wirral Borough Council that strong action will be taken against anyone who now attempts to run an event on Wirral on that day or who are found to be organising such an event.

"We have also been advised that while all parties involved are working hard towards bringing the event back in 2014, any attempt to run an illegal Egg Run would result in the withdrawal of support for future events from both the police and Wirral Council and see the permanent end of the event.

"Please do not turn up on March 17, 2013. or make plans for your own version of the event".

The Run annually attracts thousands of bikers from all corners of the country and beyond. It raises tens of thousands of pounds, primarily for Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park hospitals.

The statement goes on to stress: "You will cause irreparable harm to the charity and all the Trustees and committee members would ask that all our wonderful supporters show their solidarity by accepting the brief hiatus and getting behind the charity in making 2014 a year not to forget.

"It is vital everyone adheres to this. police have advised that access to hospitals etc will be restricted on the 17th.

"Further, the NHS have advised they will not accept any donations that are not from the registered charity.

"We above anyone else understand the frustration of our supporters but at the same time we have a duty to ensure the continuation of the event into the future. Illegal versions would be unhelpful and potentially damaging".

Charity trustee Sue Taylor said it was “great shame” pull the plug on the 2013 event.

She said: “We have to look at the harsh facts and it’s now costing us so much to run the event that there was just not enough in the pot.

“There are a lot of people criticising us for not having the money there, but what people forget is that the money we raise is primarily for the children’s charities we work with as that’s the whole point of the Egg Run.”

Sue, a former New Brighton councillor, added that more financial support was needed from the bikers who take part in the popular event.

She said: “Most bikers do give us support and donate but there is also a  proportion who treat the event as more of a social gathering and don’t bother to donate anything.

“It would also be nice if more businesses along the route, which benefit greatly from the Egg Run, could help out. But by cancelling next year, it means we have longer to review how we fundraise and see what can be changed.

“We want to assure people that we will be back in 2014 – it is not the end of Wirral’s Egg Run.”

The event began as "The Wirral Easter Egg Run" in April 1981.

It was a ride-out by Empress Motorcycle Club from New Brighton to Heswall’s Children Hospital.

About 20 bikes took part with every rider and pillion taking an Easter Egg to give to the children who were staying in hospital over the Easter period.

In 1982, the second Egg Run expanded with friends of the Empress MCC also joining, bringing the number of motorcycles to just over 50.

The run increased in size every year and in 1986 approximately 250 bikes, ranging from mopeds and scooters through to tourers and sports bikes, took part donating over 400 Easter eggs.

It has grown dramatically every year since, and last year's event attracted around 12,000 bikers.