A Wirral pupil who attends a school for children with special needs will miss out on end-of-term Christmas festivities after he was banned from travelling on the school bus.

Katy Wiggins, whose son Lewis attends Gilbrook School, was told he was suspended from using the Wirral Council-run transport service following an incident this morning.

The 11-year-old, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, had reportedly “assaulted” an escort onboard the bus and Katy was told he must now “deal with the consequences of his actions.”

However Katy, from Rock Ferry, said the incident was a result of his condition and he will now have to stay at home for a week due to a lack of transport.

She said: “The incident apparently took place on the way to school this morning but I was only notified of his suspension from transport at 11am – why did it take them so long to tell me?

“Lewis has severe behavioural problems and that is why he attends a special school. So to say he can’t go on a bus specifically for children with special needs is ridiculous.

“The staff are trained to deal with children like Lewis and he should not miss out on his education for a week because of this.”

Lewis will now be forced to miss school as Katy has no other way of getting him there due to caring for her two other disabled children.

And she said the disruption to his routine will do more harm than good for Lewis.

She added: “I have a little girl who also has ADHD and another son with dyspraxia and ADHD, so it would not be possible to get him to school.

“This is the last week of term Lewis is missing out on which he really had been looking forward to a lot because of planned games and parties.

"I am going to have to deal with the mood swings, temper tantrums and upset because he can’t go to school.”

The Globe contacted Gilbrook School but they declined to comment.

A Wirral Council spokesman said it is policy not to comment on individual cases: “However, we take our duty of care very seriously. In cases such as this we have a duty of care to employees, pupils and other road users.’