POLICE have launched a crackdown to stop anti-social youths causing trouble in Birkenhead.

The scheme, which came into force on Monday, will see a Section 30 'designated area' order being brought in around Larch Road.

It will mean police officers and PCSOs can move groups of youths on from the area including alleyways which run parallel to Larch Road, up to Sycamore Road and down to Borough Road.

And it is hoped the drive will go some way to halting anti-social behaviour and creating a safer community for local residents.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Vickers said: "We are making great inroads in the area in tackling anti-social behaviour by targeting the areas identified as causing the most concern.

"This has been tremendously successful but there are still some youths who persist in acting anti-socially and their behaviour is just not acceptable.

"Like other organisations across Wirral we are determined to use every power available to us to stop this behaviour and take action against offenders.

"This is a fine example of police in Wirral working with the council’s Integrated Youth Support Service and partners to address issues that concern our local communities and we would like to thank local residents for their continued support."

Wirral Integrated Youth Support Service (IYSS) outreach teams have been deployed to the area and will be there four nights a week until May when the order finishes.

They will meet youngsters and encourage them to take part in activities while they will also speak to residents about reporting anti-social behaviour.

They will engage with youths from the area and support them into positive youth activity.

Celine Gafos, deputy head of service for Targeted Youth Support Services, said: "We have worked closely with Merseyside Police and our partners to co-ordinate an effective approach to challenging the anti-social behaviour of those adults and young people who fail to behave in a way that the majority of residents expect and deserve."

And Cllr George Davies, cabinet member for housing and community safety, added: "The Section 30 and multi-agency problem solving work reinforces the message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

"There will be consequences for those individuals who choose to engage and continue in such behaviour in order for us to support local residents and ensure they live in a safer community."