WHILE there has been much mutual back-slapping over The Open Golf Championship, there are other points to consider about the effect the event had on the communities of Hoylake and West Kirby - for most it was far from benefical.

In the week leading up to the tournament, the week of the tournament itself and the week after, most businesses in Hoylake and West Kirby saw a significant drop in turnover. It was fine if you ran a bar, cafe, restaurant, take-away food outlet, but for the rest of us the promises made of opportunities were empty and meaningless.

And from October last year through to January of this year, the road improvement works (most of which were uneccessary) hit the turnover of the retailers who fronted this badly-planned scheme.

Yes, there were successes - it was extremely well policed and the cafe bar atmosphere in Hoylake was superb.

We have a three party coalition on Wirral Council. There is no opposition to challenge the ruling group and the officers. In any democratic process it is the role of the opposition that is the most important.

By all means The Open is welcome back but next time do not close the railway between Hoylake and West Kirby and do not hinder in anyway the commercial activities of businesses that are in Wirral 52 weeks a year.

Ian McKellar,

Sandy Lane,West Kirby