I NOTE that you reported about squirrel being a popular and “ethical” meat at Wirral Farmers’ Market (Globe 14/1/09).

I also note the butcher involved stated that these animals are “humanely” trapped and mentions they cannot be shot.

He fails to mention that after they are trapped, the usual method of dispatch is to put them in a sack and hit them over the head with a stick.

This appalling method is sadly not illegal and is also used when culling squirrels.

Ask yourselves this, would this method be acceptable for your cat or dog? It is barbaric and totally UNETHICAL.

To state this meat is ethical is outrageous. I would ask people to think before being a party to this cruelty. The grey squirrel is not native to England but it did not bring itself here. It was brought here by man, now man wants to kill it or eat it.

Kathy Musker via email.