I saw a comment in the Globe titled clean it up and I totally agree with Mr Ellis, but it is not just Hoylake that has these problems.

I have lived on Wirral all my life and have never seen it looking so untidy.

The M53 motorway and the slip ways are always covered in litter it looks awful!

Grass and weeds growing out of our pavements and our promenade walls, permanent flooding when it rains on Bay View Drive Wallasey due to grids not being cleaned for years, and the cycle/walking path from Derby Pool Harvester Pub onwards is awful its growing over due to weeds and grass.

Our coastline and grass areas are covered in litter everywhere when there are bins provided, although not enough of them as there are more people visiting now.

Some dog owners just don't care they either don't pick the dogs poop up which is getting worse or leave the poop bags lying around!

The Derby Pool Harvester field always has lots of litter on it plus dog poop such a shame it used to be a lovely field.

What happened to people taking pride in where they live? It seems like a bygone era

Lorraine, Wirral Resident