I am concerned about the felling of mature trees.

Wirral Council, since declaring a climate emergency in 2019, have planted tens of thousands of trees and produced a 78 page tree strategy.

However, the council has also felled several thousand mature trees and continue the felling.

The vast majority of trees planted are just whips, little more than twigs on a fully grown tree, which is the equivalent of hundreds if not thousands of these newly planted whips.

Mature trees take a life time to grow and once cut down cannot be replaced, they are extremely valuable in many respects.

Kings Road in Bebington is a busy road, but a nice road to drive down due to the great trees there, which in Spring make a lovely sight.

Yet this road, like others, is being gradually cleared of its trees for no apparent reason. A few years ago a huge tree was cut down on the corner of Princess Boulevard, this year three more trees on this road have been cut down - their healthy stumps still clearly visible.

I see that Kings Road is to be closed on Saturday (February 24), I hope this is not for the further destruction of our rare pleasant surroundings by chopping up more mature trees.

Why does WBC deprive people of these great trees which give the subconscious day to day pleasure and what is the point of planting whips when mature trees are being felled?

'Concerned', Bebington