THERE has been water leaking from a property in St Bride’s Road in Wallasey for over 18 months.

Last January (2023), when going for my morning paper, I slipped in the icy conditions and went flat on my back. Not funny for a 75-year-old.

Two weeks ago a young lady slipped and fell on the frozen water as well. There have probably been more.

I have emailed United Utilities twice and they have got back to me to say they are looking for the landlord.

Now I would have thought the main priority would be people’s safety and also to stop the wastage of water, but obviously this is not the case.

This begs the questions: how often does the landlord visit his property, why hasn’t the tenant done anything and why haven’t the other residents done anything?

The damage done to the pavement is excessive and will most probably be paid for by the rate payer.

I also wonder how often the councillors walk around their area - and do they do it with their eyes open?

Keith Wilson, by email