WIRRAL Council’s extensive waterfront plans revealed in last week’s Globe (January 17) for "Merseyside’s Brooklyn" must surely be a dream unlikely to be completed in this century.

A historic ship is mentioned to be "housed" in Morpeth Dock when a few years ago about five historic ships were forced to leave East Float to leave space for Urban Splash dwellings which look like shipping containers.

In the same edition of the Globe we were informed that proposed work on the derelict Hydraulic Tower, adjacent to Alfred dock, to establish a Maritime Knowledge Hub has been put on hold for four years.

If repaired, this could be a magnificent building instead of the run down edifice it is now and has been for over 40 years.

Directly opposite the entrance to Cammell Lairds shipyard is the eyesore of a ruined public house, falling apart and covered by weeds and bushes but used as a traffic roundabout.

No mention of demolishing this and yet demolishing the Land Registry building is in the plans.

Wirral Council needs to co-ordinate its plans and be more realistic.

Graham Holden, by email