I am not to sure if you follow the group on Facebook page Crimewatch Wirral, but there has been an upsurge of posts regarding to the new high way code for pedestrians cyclists and especially horses and riders.

My horse was recently hit by a inconsiderate driver with, obviously, no up-to-date education.

I had his registration and I logged it with police.

Unfortunately, there was no death to an animal so the police would not take things further.

This was back in December, I have seen so many more posts about drivers getting far to close, Drivers speeding showing no due care or attention.

When riders ask for the drivers to slow they get a barrage of abuse.

My question is: Is there enough Education? No, not at all and it's only getting worse for the Wirral equestrians.

The law changed back in 2022 that it states that pedestrians cyclists and horses being ridden or walked on our roads should only be past when it’s safe to do so and horses need to be given a minimum of two meters space between the car and horse and passed at a maximum of 10mph.

This is something I am very passionate about and it’s not to call drivers out, it's to educate!

There is no publicity or no advertising or anything to help keep us safe.

We don’t want to ride on the roads, we have to take the road to get to the permissive Bridle paths that the council have left us.

A lot have closed due to under funding, land being sold, etc.

Horses have been a part of our Wirral culture and farming for more than we know.

Let’s help keep this sport and passion going so the next generation can enjoy it but also feel safe that the education is getting out there for all to know.

Alex McEvoy, by email