THE introduction of unnecessary blanket coverage of the Wirral residential 20mph scheme has sunk to a new low and cost us, the tax payer, more money.

On the afternoon of November 21, police were training residents to operate a speed camera at the bottom of Dee View Road Heswall aiming at those going down the steep hill.

Of course they couldn’t do it in an actual dangerous location could they?

This means they are turning residents against residents. It has now become a civil war.

This council has provoked this action and turned the people against the people.

They obviously hate motorists and clearly support the Nanny state resulting in Wirral becoming an undesirable place to live

As a reminder why there is no need for the 20mph scheme as previously reported:

  • The law is already in place so no need for 20mph zones. You should drive in accordance to the road conditions at all times regardless of the speed limit.
  • Drivers now spend more time looking at their speedometer than the road ahead and in an area deemed to be so dangerous that we now need a 20mph limit.
  • It’s dangerous as drivers lose concentration. There are more accidents in motorway road works than on the whole motorway network.
  • They’re making criminals out of responsible competent drivers.
  • More pollution as driving in a lower gear for a longer period of time. The Green brigade have shot themselves in the foot.
  • More noise as driving in a low gear = higher engine revs.
  • Costs the economy, longer journey times.
  • It will be a cash cow for the authorities. Speed cameras will pop up everywhere.
  • If the 20mph scheme was so popular, why is it that so many take no notice of it?
  • A cyclist travels faster than 20 mph., as does a horse and cart. How will they be controlled and prosecuted for speeding.
  • If you hit someone at 20mph, even on a bike & particularly with a horse then you can still seriously injure or kill them.
  • It is considered by many, that those who think 20mph is a good idea are clearly incompetent or nervous drivers who should surrender their driving licences to DVLA with immediate effect.
  • As they want us to go back in time! Someone should walk in front of your car waving a red flag & ringing a bell.
  • More zebra crossing would be a better and more cost effective measure.
  • Teach pedestrians to use and cross the road safely instead of blaming the motorist. Education Not Regulation.
  • What ever happened to: The Green Cross Code.
  • Stop Look and Listen.
  • Look Right then Left and Right Again.
  • Only Cross the Road when and where it is Safe to do so.
  • The 30mph residential speed limits have been in place since the beginning of motoring law and no driving test, at a time when we had cross ply tyres, drum brakes, no brake servo assistance, no anti skid / ABS, no vehicle safety crumple zones, or any of the many driver aids we have today.

So why now in the year 2023 have they suddenly decided that we all need to drive at 20mph?

Unless those against speak up then nothing will be done.

Maybe a petition needs to be formed as this scheme is both unreasonable and unworkable.

J. Elliott, by email