MY wife was taken ill in Aldi in West Kirby on Friday morning (November 17).

She unfortunately passed out.

As a family we would like to thank firstly the gentleman who picked her up. But mainly to the lovely off duty nurse who took charge and made sure my wife was placed in the recovery position.

This lovely lady was Sarah/Lucy Banks. (sorry with all that happened my memory is playing tricks on me !!!).

Also many thanks to the Staff at Aldi who made sure my wife was comfortable and immediately closed the aisle where my wife lay.

And many thanks for making sure I was ok and sorting our shopping (apologies to all the shoppers who were inconvenienced whilst in the store).

The ambulance crew were super. My wife Heather is now safely at home. But once again many thanks to everyone that ensured her safety.

We were really well looked after and fellow shoppers were so kind and caring.

Barry Radford, by email