I, like so many Wirral Council Tax Payers, find it astounding at the obstinate, ignorant and objectionable behaviour of this council over their attitude to the 20mph schemes which was rolled out at great expense without proper consultation of the people.

I could not agree more with that John Elliott chap who detailed it so well in your columns last week.

It's a total disgrace, when the government has effectively said they want a common sense approach and to put the brakes on such 20mph schemes, that this council continues to dig its heels in and spend our money unnecessarily for which I have worked so hard for over many years.

Labour take note, As working class I have always been a labour voter all my life.

But everyone against this pathetic 20mph scheme should remember and take note at the next elections, I'm going Conservative, they appear to have a common sense approach on this.

Vote Conservative and get rid of 20mph, other than by schools and dangerous locations.

It makes sense, common sense, something that is sadly lacking in this council for whom I voted for.

So, it's all my fault, blame me, I suppose other labour voters against 20mph blanket schemes should also share the blame!!!

Harry Golden, by email.