AS winter approaches, we all start to think more about our health and keeping well and the medical care we might need if problems arise.

My husband Alf and I try to do that all year round by keeping a healthy lifestyle and supporting each other to achieve this.

I am 93, Alf is 94. Health problems inevitably occur and have done so for us over the past few years.

At all times, we have have received the very best care and attention from all the staff at The Warrens GP practice at Thingwall.

As well as professional care, we feel that they give us respect and appreciation and show us their determination to do everything they can to keep us well in our old age and we appreciate that very much.

Even though we are going over to the surgery for a particular problem, we take the pleasure, while we still can, of walking along the path to the main building, which gives a small slice of nature with trees, flowers and birds and a seat to sit on if needed. It is, very much, an amenity to be enjoyed.

I have written this letter, because I think it is important to give the staff at The Warrens the praise that they deserve and say heartfelt thank you to them all for everything they do.

Evelyn Cadwallader, Thingwall