'NO Mow May' has widely been promoted to ensure wildlife forage and habitat for just one month, but they are survival requirements for insects and other invertebrates continuously, obviously.

May has apparently been providing a false sense of security for such creatures and they will now be experiencing total devastation, as usual, as mowers, strimmers and all polluting fossil-fuel and council tax guzzling 'weapons of biomass destruction' reappear and mindlessly wreak havoc on those wildlife communities.

Destroying a tree or hedgerow, 'clearing' a garden for a driveway, or indeed just mowing a lawn or verge is the wildlife equivalent of Putin’s destruction of Ukraine and its people, and those are the main reasons for the alarming decline and virtual extinction of so many species in our towns.

Even the muchcherished hedgehog is now on the ‘red’ list in the UK due to the obsessions of the 'neat and tidiers' with solid fence bases preventing their travels.

The solution is simple: 'No Mow May' needs to be revised to 'No more mowing, ever!' 

Anyone who prefers a sterile, barren landscape with expanses of pointlessly short yellowed grass, instead of lush verdant green grass and other vegetation full of life, does not belong on my planet.

Mother Nature is the only ‘manager’ that I would trust with my environment and anyone who disagrees seriously needs an education in natural ecology free from human interference!

Dave Hall, Irby