I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Hudson Road Pharmacy in Leasowe.

You are amazing and deserve recognition for all you do - from the pharmacists, counter assistants and delivery drivers.

My Mother is 92 years old and still trying to hold on to what little independence she has. This includes taking her medication on a daily basis.

As her main carer and working full-time I was putting her daily medication in egg cups at tea time for the following day.

Mum could not use the pill boxes as she could not get them open. I waited over three-and-ahalf years for blister packs for her from her previous pharmacy.

They never materialized, so I approached Hudson Road Pharmacy Leasowe, With in a week of contacting Hudson Road, mum’s blister packs were done with all her other medications and dropped off to the house.

Now there is no need to put daily medication out the day before, or call the GP for a repeat prescription and have to go and collect it.

This is helping me with one less thing to do and worry about it is helping Mum to still live interdependently, You’re all amazing and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

David Atherton, by email