ON behalf of my family and I, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the police in connection with the search for my brother, who went missing in early December.

It is hard to convey the feelings of anxiety, worry and helplessness for my family during that time, not knowing what had happened to our loved one.

However, every police officer we had contact with throughout treated us in a professional, courteous and sympathetic manner.

They also used every resource at their disposal in the search, even the police helicopter, and putting a missing person article in the press.

Although the outcome was unfortunately finding my brother’s body, we cannot thank the police enough for the help and support they provided to us.

It would do well for all of us to remember that police officers are just like the rest of us, individuals with their own personal worries and concerns - but that did not stop them doing their duty.

All my family knows is that, in a time of great sadness, the police were there for us.

The police come in for criticism, some justified and some not - but where we would be without a police force, God only knows.

Bernard Connors, Bebington