I HAVE lived in Seacombe for the past 22 years.

In that time more homes have been built, which was okay when we had a local supermarket.

I was recently talking to a group of people outside Home & Bargain and they were discussing the new regeneration plans for Birkenhead.

Seacombe wasn’t even included, which I was quite annoyed about.

We always seem to be left behind.

Since Morrisons closed, many people in the area have struggled, myself included.

Not everyone can drive and even the transport links are rubbish. The nearest supermarket is a good walk away.

I have been trying to the get the attention of Wirral Council about why they gave a homeware shop the go-ahead to open, when an Aldi or Lidl would’ve been a much better business to have put there.

There is plenty of space for a supermarket, we just need some help to get one opened.

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