THERE are no more infuriatingly insulting and patronising words these days than 'have your say' - which Wirral Council are so adept at using whenever important decisions have to be made.

In this case the budget and the huge £20 million savings they have to make to balance the books or face government action.

Insulting and patronising because, let's face it, how often do we residents 'have our say' on these issues only for them to be conveniently glossed aside and ignored as is per usual by the arrogant powers that be in the committees and the overpaid director positions?


Too many to mention!

What is the point in inviting the public to do this when it's clear that they have no intention of ever listening to us?

Perhaps the best start to making savings would be to (a) get rid of at least a third of the 66 councillors as they serve no useful purpose: communication and listening to tax payers is NOT in their interests; (b) remove all high salaried roles within the authority, where directors are earning way above what they deserve to be paid for their incompetence; and (c) stop this obsession with dubious vanity projects and focus on the nitty gritty of rescuing our neglected local communities instead.

But then sadly, perhaps it is we who are grounded in reality and these co-called 'committees' - holding their pointless meetings - who are clearly living in cloud cuckooland.

Richard John Parry, New Brighton