I feel strongly about this as do a lot of others.

After campaigns to stop the tolls over the years, people have worked hard to show the facts and worked hard to get the tunnels in the position they are today.

The mother’s grandfather was a decorated guard at the time of the first Mersey Tunnel opening shown in photos working there.

My mother passed away, alone, in March 2020 at 94 with Covid in a nursing home without me or any member of the family being able to visit.

After pressure on Government just prior to a national election Goerge Osbourne the chancellor of the Tory Party promised he would remove the Tunnel Tolls if they got in power.

But after Tories in power and yet another misleading statement and George left after and got a cushy job on six-figure sums.

But do we forget his promises and is that not backed up by the Conservative Party?

The local authorities need to pressure the Goveerment for extra funding for the extra expenses incurred with Covid, not charge the locals who have themselves struggled coping with living costs on no money or reduced money.

Do the public think Boris Johnson and his all of his people are struggling and would not see their loved ones during loss?

Do the public think that Boris will be feeling the pain financial hardship of the Merseyside people during and after this crisis?

Paying Lulu Lytle interior designer six-figure sums for downing street suggests not!

Having social gatherings during lock down also makes a mockery of this Government, their rules, their promises and this tunnel fee going up after this.

‘Simplesteve’, by email