THE article by George Morgan in the Globe - Leverhulme face big backlash over bid for greenbelt homes - also included a report by Margaret Greenwood MP for Wirral West.

She reminded us that the greenbelt was there to protect against urban sprawl, to protect our wildlife and to help against life threatening climate change.

Port Sunlight was built by William Hesketh Lever in 1888 near his soap factory so his workers could walk a safe and short distance from home to their work place.

With remarkable foresight, acres of land was purchased by the estate over the years and remaining greenbelt used for farming or cattle grazing.

Now members of the Leverhulme estate want to build 800 on this precious oasis of greenbelt.

We know Wirral Council intends to build thousands of houses on brownfield sites, so there is no great urgency for further housing development at a time of static or falling population.

Liverpool University celebrated its centenary in 1983.

To mark that milestone the late Lord Leverhulme, then Chancellor of the University, conferred degrees on successful graduates.

Following the degree ceremony, Lord Richardson addressed the congregation.

He congratulated the graduates on their academic success and reminded them that they owed their success in part to their families, their teachers, and the communities that supported them.

They, in turn, must now support their communities, their environment, and the health and well being of their fellow men.

What irony that the environment is now being threatened by non other than members of the Leverhulme Estate, its executives and faceless shareholders.

They are in mortal danger of undermining the honourable name of the Leverhulme legacy.

Reputation once tarnished is tarnished forever.

Stephanie Miller (Mrs), by emai