I THOUGHT your readers would like to read about a kind gesture made to me just before Christmas.

I was at Superdrug in West Kirby, buying a few items including a toothbrush, other toiletries and a solid makeup compact which Superdrug make.

When I got to the till, the assistant rang them up, except the solid make-up which she could see I had not enough cash for.

I paid, moved away and was standing by some shelves to put my purchases in my bag when a young lady (who was behind me at the till) came and gave me the make-up and said "Happy Christmas" - she had paid for it. 

She left the shop so quickly, all I could say was a quick "thank you" and she was gone.

I just hope she sees your paper. If so, another big thank you again!

I live in a flat in West Kirby.

I was talking to some residents about what happened and was moved to tears.

Many thanks.

Valerie Mann, West Kirby