I KNOW things have been awful during the pandemic - shops closed and sales not good. But now the shops are back to normal, I’ve been sewing and making things and went to buy them at Abakhan’s in Pensby.

I’ve been going there since 1963.

So I picked out my buttons and was asked for £35. I nearly had a heart attack; two buttons on a card at £2.50 each, loose buttons £1.50 and £2 each, small buttons £1.25 each and small buttons at £1 each. This is outrageous!

From now on, I will be taking all my buttons off all the clothes.

I may even go into the charity shop and buy clothes just for the buttons.

The buttons I bought were not fancy with patterns or designs on.

Also, food prices have doubled, but pensions have not gone up.

If you knit, the wool at Aldi is cheaper than the buttons.

Mrs Anderson, Prenton