IN response to the council’s budgetary issues, whatever readers’ views may be...

The town halls were mentioned as disposable assets. Councillors and consultants would have you believe these are worthless assets, when in fact they could be easily turned around into profitmaking successes.

Wirral Council had and still has the opportunity to listen to ideas on how both town halls could be repurposed to make them sustainable and profitable assets using a small amount of capital investment to create jobs and cultural hubs that remain in the public’s hands for public good.

Surely, that's how we should be protecting and maintaining our outstanding architectural gems that have been part of our towns for over a century, not selling them off to the lowest bidder in a short-term thinking ideological bonfire sale.

However, with the council not listening to the public and council officials having the final say, is there any point?

Liam Hartzenberg, by email