ALTHOUGH I found your ‘behind-the-scenes’ article about the Mersey Tunnels in the Globe of December 22 very interesting, I couldn't agree more with your correspondent V. Crann about the current state of the Kingsway Tunnel.

What used to be a bright and pleasant interior is now a dark and intimidating hole that reminds me more of Shelob's Lair in the Lord of the Rings than a major piece of modern transport infrastructure!

The new lighting seems to intensify the gloom rather than dispel it, and the whole effect must make a most unfavourable impression on any visitors to Merseyside.

Please, Merseytravel, sort it out and give us a tunnel that is safe, clean, bright, and a credit to our City Region.

You did it for Birkenhead – now please do it for Wallasey!

Dominic Ion, by email