RETURNING home from Liverpool on Monday, December 20 at 10.15pm on the 437 to West Kirby, a group of five burly 20-odd year-old lads boarded the bus on Sir Thomas Street.

They sat on the rear seats and harangued a poor young lad and his girlfriend simply because he had his own particular style!

The altercation continued to Park Road in Birkenhead where the young couple alighted the bus.

The five bullies decided to follow them with obvious intentions.

A number of passengers including myself got off the bus to intervene but the young couple had fled with two of the bullies in pursuit.

Fortunately, the other three did not follow, probably as a result of the passenger intervention.

I rang the police but have no idea if they responded.

This was a pure hate crime perpetrated by fuelled up idiots almost certainly from the Claughton area.

If anyone knows a young lad called Jamie who has a pretty blonde girlfriend I would love to know they are ok (I think they walked up Norman Street off Park Road North).

Hope the parents of this mob are proud.

M Harford, by email