I WOULD like to ask Wirral Council a question.

Why did they fell a perfectly good oak tree outside my mother's house in The Rake, Bromborough when there appeared to be nothing wrong with it?

According to the council’s web pages, they state that they only ever fell trees that are dying or are diseased and this tree was neither.

A neighbour who lives opposite my mother seems to think it was felled due to its proximity to the telegraph pole. He said it was interfering with his landline.

Surely if that is the case then is it not better to remove some branches that are in the way rather than chopping down the whole tree?

In this day and age of trying to save the planet and store carbon, would that not have been the better option?

The council states it is planting 21,000 trees each year for the next 10 years.

And for any tree that is felled they plant at least eight more, then might I suggest planting some where I live on Wharfdale Drive, Eastham?

There are plenty of spaces and in front of my house is a large concrete eyesore that 16 houses look on to and there is one small tree in the far corner.

No grass verges have any trees planted on them. Maybe they could plant the eight new trees here? I look forward to the council’s response.

Jenny Owen, Eastham