FOR more than six years, the Dogs Trust has been working to expose the cruel puppy smuggling trade.

As members of Dogs Trust’s parliamentary Puppy Smuggling Taskforce, we have written to the Government calling for urgent action to stop the illegal importation of dogs into the UK.

Almost 50 MPs have signed this letter.

Through their first four undercover investigations and the establishment of the Puppy Pilot scheme, Dogs Trust have found evidence of:

Puppies bred in horrific conditions

Heavily pregnant females being illegally brought into the UK to allow dealers to dupe buyers into buying ‘UK bred’ puppies 

Long journeys from Central and Eastern Europe; no food, insufficient water; no exercise and no toilet breaks; ineffective border controls and enforcement,.

The findings in their fifth report, Puppy Smuggling: Puppies still paying as Government delays, launched December 2020, are a glaring reminder that action is needed not only to end the suffering of puppies, but also to protect the unsuspecting buyers that are inadvertently fuelling the trade.

The investigation looked at adverts for breeds amongst those most intercepted on entry to the UK from Central and Eastern Europe and cared for on the Puppy Pilot in the last two years.

The findings revealed that 29 per cent of these adverts in England were for imported puppies.

We urge the Government to take action and introduce legislation to put a stop to the illegal importation of dogs into Great Britain.

Dr Neil Hudson, Dogs Trust