I am getting increasingly enraged by the arrogance of cyclists on Wirral and in particular on the promenade between Meols and the Gun Site.

This is clearly marked as a footpath and not part of the Wirral Cycle Trail.

Therefore we pedestrians have a clear right of way along here yet are constantly harassed by these lycra-clad lunatics.

I have been shouted at for the audacity of allowing my dog off lead on a public footpath where bikes are banned.

I am going to beg the council to out more signs up and am tempted to organise a walking protest along this stretch to reclaim our path.

For those unsure, please check Wirral Cycle Trails map online where it is clearly marked this stretch is not for cyclists.

For pity's sake can cyclists not leave somewhere hassle-free and safe for families to walk in peace?

Lynn Grant, by email