I work as a HCA in Hoylake Cottage Hospital and have some poetic words of reflection on the current climate and working through the pandemic ...

I don on my visor and full PPE, dreaming of the day that we can be free.

So take a deep breath and do all that you can, we’ll all meet in handover and concoct a plan.

A loose proposal is pencilled in for the shift, because anything could change n’ it changes real quick.

Rulebooks and regs are way out the door, prioritise the residents that need you some more.

Are they suffering from loneliness or struggling to breathe? We're in situations you wouldn’t believe.

We've dealt with some things that can’t be forgot, But we all have each other-now that is a lot.

Unified and bonded-we’re in this together, Sharing stories and memories that will last forever.

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