I have been volunteering as a Covid Marshal at Woodchurch Leisure Centre since it opened in December and just thought I should highlight how impressed I have been with the patients from the over 80s age group.

They have been so stoic when having to queue in very bad weather conditions, so grateful for the vaccine, in what they see as a real lifesaver and in general good spirits throughout.

I have many stories from encounters with them.

We had a lady who was 105 years old and received a round of applause when she received her vaccine.

I have had a chap drive up the day before his appointment to find the vaccination centre.

He was a 101 years old and was as fit and sprightly as ever. I took my bobhat off in salute.

One man in his 80s cycled to the centre and changed out of his cycling gear into smarter clothes before entering.

Some who were clearly struggling with walkers etc, declined my offer of a wheelchair as they wanted to enjoy to the maximum their time outside in the fresh air no matter how long or how hard it was to walk the short distance from the car park into the centre.

I saw them all again as they returned for the second jab in early January.

I have had many humorous encounters with the patients from the over 80s age group and it has been an absolute privilege to help them on the road to whatever the new normality will be and I just thought they deserved a little recognition.

Sean McGarr, by email