I’M one of goodness knows how many people with migraines on Wirral and there are also people who are on the autism spectrum (I’m friends with three).

For me, I’m sound sensitive with my chronic fatigue syndrome anyway, but right now, I also have a migraine.

The Wirral hum is going on and off. It’s causing me a physical pain that’s hard to describe.

For people with autism, this horrible sound could be physically painful too, causing them to go into meltdown. I totally understand the fascination with the Wirral hum, but when I’m unwell, it can be unbearable.

Yet, I’m just one of many people who need this to be sorted out to stop physical pain.

It’s annoying when I’m OK, but when I’m unwell, I can’t stand it anymore.

Those of us with migraines and people on the autism spectrum need this to be sorted out. It’s not as easy as moving house when you have disabilities.

For me and many others with all sorts of disabilities, you can’t just up and move. This needs to be resolved.

Jude Whiteside, by email