EVERY week there are letters that complain or blame someone and portray Wirral as an awful place to live.

We all know the Labour council is happy to turn our peninsula into a housing estate whilst allowing destruction of wonderful buildings that form the character of this area, building on open spaces, green fields and encourage flats to be erected to gain more council tax revenues whilst ignoring a marsh starting to cover our beautiful beaches.

Let’s not forget the new menace of numerous discarded masks littering our area.

But actually we live in a fantastic place, we are close to three national parks, two international airports, worldfamous golf courses and football teams.

We have the best view of Liverpool and Mersey shipping, we can see the sun set in to the Irish sea knowing we are watching dawn on the other side of the Atlantic and walk on what’s left of our beautiful beaches.

We have some fantastic parks, even the Americans copied Birkenhead park to make Central Park in New York.

So perhaps rather than complain, look at what we have on our door step and protect our area, clean up the area by our homes and chastise those who find it acceptable to drop litter including face masks.

Let’s be positive in these unusual times and accept responsibility rather than the “they should” or not my job not my problem attitude.

Take a walk and admire the area we all live in and consider how lucky we are to live in this area so protect it too.

A Reid, by email