ONE of the first decisions the new policy and resource committee (a combination of cross-party councillors) had to make was over the future of a sizeable area of green land in Upton, together with a public Right of Way, and 12 lovely mature e trees.

They failed abysmally.

Did any one of them to go to the site and check out the area before a decision was made?

Did any one of them think about the impact it would have upon the people of not only Upton, but Greasby Irby, Moreton etc.

This Right of Way is used by families taking their children to school, to the village; by people going to Upton Station, to work, to public transport.

Yet this Public Right of Way was dismissed as a piece of scrub land!

They are prepared to sell it to Lidl for a pittance - less than one million pounds, to facilitate the building of a 96-bay car park.

The people of Upton would have to live with the disruption, noise, toxic pollution for the rest of their lives.

It would impact, not only on this generation but for generations to come. It will send Upton Village into a catastrophic decline.

One of the councillors suggested that they should ring fence a portion of the money for the retailers in the village.

How condescending!

How much did he have in mind - £100, £200 when the shutters comes down for the last time?

Road traffic at Upton roundabout is at gridlock at peak hour and often throughout the day giving rise to high levels of pollution.

In total, 80% of toxic pollution comes from particulate matter, from bitumen, rubber, organic waste from car brakes, road surfaces.

It is an atmospheric pollutant.

Minute liquid droplets, once inhaled, causes long term damage to our lungs.

It is a silent killer.

It can cause, or exacerbate respiratory diseases, heart disease, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema. Recent research has identified the rapid spread of the corona virus with high mortality in areas of high levels of PM.

It can cause prematurity in babies, low birth weight, cognitive effects, and tragically still birth.

Anyone who can contemplate such tragedy enfolding in public life have no place in Public Life.

Stephanie Miller (Mrs), by email