ONCE again the fireworks started days before November 5 and continue days after.

I have no trouble with a parent firing off a small rocket to entertain his kids.

What troubles me is the effort these dysfunctional, infantile, moronic idiots put in to finding the noisiest, army strength explosive fireworks each year.

Buildings shake when they go off.

These Neanderthals seem to take great pleasure in being as irritating as possible to the surrounding neighbours.

I am not sure if they are breaking any laws, but even if they are our police force is too busy arresting people for hurting the feelings of other people to go after these malcontents.

There is a small herd of these Neanderthals around the Lower Heswall Village.

They know who they are as they are the ones with brains the size of peanuts.

I suggest to them, why not donate the money spent on these fireworks to the Salvation Army.

I am sure that gesture would go along way in helping to cure their anti-social disorder and allow the rest of us to get a good nights sleep.

It may even prevent their kids from becoming an adult Neanderthal just like their parents.

McKenzie Morrison, by email