IT is with such sadness that we say goodbye to ‘The Bard of Birkenhead’, Mr David Charters.

A true gentleman from a world that has passed us by.

His writings lifted one’s spirits and brought comfort and knowledge to his readers.

One of his great interests was the cinema and the work of the film projectionist.

One of his favourites was the beautiful Ritz on Claughton Road, sadly now gone but it still remains in the memory of many of your readers.

His second favourite cinema was the Paramount / Odeon on London Road in Liverpool, now also gone.

I had the pleasure of working here as a projectionist, first with The Beatles for A Hard Day’s Night and then the two-year run of The Sound of Music.

David loved talking to the projectionist and was fascinated with the machinery.

My last meeting with David was at Birkenhead Town Hall for one of the heritage open days.

He came to see me in the projection room and talk about cinema and his memories of the Wirral Museum when it was housed in the town hall.

That closed down, but the cinema facility survives as the venue in Wirral that can show real film.

Mike Taylor - former projectionist, Paramount / Odeon, Liverpool