WE parents are angry and frustrated that all sixth form pupils of West Kirby Grammar have recently been banned from leaving school premises at lunch time.

This ban has been enforced due to complaints from members of the public, who reported that students are not socially-distancing from each other and walking around in large groups in West Kirby town.

We would like to point out the following:

  • West Kirby Grammar is not the only school whose students go into West Kirby at lunchtime - pupils from Calday and Hilbre High also go in daily, plus pupils from Pensby High and Birkenhead Sixth Form College when they have no lessons after lunch.
  • School pupils are currently placed in year group bubbles - meaning that up to 200+ students from the same school year are mixing in classrooms/lessons every day.
  • Therefore, they are able to walk together in large groups without breaking any social-distancing rules because they belong to the same school bubble.
  • Provided that all students (from any of these schools) are keeping their distance from other members of the public whilst in West Kirby at lunchtime, that is all people need to be concerned about.

Due to the current pandemic, these students need to be out in the fresh air now more than ever and those who have complained to West Kirby Grammar have taken that opportunity away from all sixth form pupils.

These unfair, unhealthy restrictions will just increase the germs being passed around in and out of school, due to large groups now having to stay indoors together every lunchtime.

So please consider the above points before picking up the phone to complain about West Kirby Grammar School students.

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