I TOOK my mum to work in the car and this is what I saw in Birkenhead and Seacombe on one Friday evening ...

Adults and youths on bikes in the middle of the road with no helmets on, reflectors or lights on giving cars dirty looks like they are in the right, people parking where they want on Duke Street and walking out into the road without looking to get their fish and chips and kebabs.

Police cars whizzing passed which seemed to be happening on every road.

On the same road two youths on bikes next to a speed camera approached the car whilst I was waiting for the lights to turn green, on the wrong side of the road going over a red light.

Two police vans passed and seen them.

Did they do anything? Of course not.

I know the police have no powers anymore but this is ridiculous.

Imagine if I or any other sensible car driver decided just to drive on the wrong side of the road and go over a red light just for a laugh?

You bet the police would do something then.

I was glad to get in that evening after seeing this fiasco.

Details supplied