I WRITE to express my grave concern over the proposed building of a new supermarket in Upton, on what is already one of the most congested and busiest roundabouts in the country.

Such an undertaking would undoubtedly lead to the demise of our local village.

Upton has already a big supermarket directly across from the proposed new supermarket.

The demise of our village would result in inevitable unemployment. This would off setting any increase in employment elsewhere.

Rateable income from the village would evaporate as the letting or leasing of empty premises would not be a viable proposition for any would-be vendor. We already have many empty outlets in the village.

There is an argument put forward that Lidl's products are cheaper than in competing supermarkets.

A few pounds off the weekly shop will not compensate for the demise of our village; increased levels of traffic, noise, disruption and pollution and the concomitant ill-effects such an undertaking would have upon the health and well being of our people.

Upton village and its environs, already suffer from some of the highest levels of toxic pollution in the country.

The village is surrounded by housing estates.

We have a major hospital on our doorsteps. We have three schools in our vicinity.

We are subjected to non stop traffic coming to and from the M53.

We know that high levels of pollution increase the likelihood of dementia.

We know that children in areas of high pollution are more likely to develop depression.

Research has shown that air pollution is a grater risk factor than physical abuse in increasing the risk of depression in teenagers.

Toxic pollution increases the risk of cardio vascular disease and cerebral vascular disease.

It increases the risk of cancer, bronchitises, kidney disease and asthma. Research has identified the detrimental effect pollution has on the unborn- prematurity, low birth weight leaving them more susceptible to asthma and other childhood ailments.

This will impact on their school attendance. Their life chances are diminished before they are born.

I respectfully ask members of our new housing committee to reflect on the matters I have raised and I hope you will do your duty for the sake of the health of this and future generations.

Please say No to the building of another supermarket.

Save our few remaining precious trees, and prevent our last patch of green grass from being buried forever under tons of concert!

Stephanie Miller (Mrs), by email