THE proposed cycle lanes for the Wirral are an absolute disgrace.

The powers that be who have stated that they are for public consultation are talking nonsense.

There is no such thing.

I signed up to complete the survey and found it the most onesided survey ever.

Nowhere can you express your views on a personal level.

Riding a bicycle in the summer is fine.

A great leisure activity, however when the weather changes in a couple of weeks the bikes will be consigned to the sheds never to be seen again.

We have an ageing population, particularly in Wirral, so the money would be better spent on transport for those persons.

When I see the likes of Steve Rotheram (who does not know Wirral) or Joe Anderson on their bikes I might change my mind, but until then this whole scheme is a complete waste of money.

I see that at St James Roundabout in Birkenhead it is already marked out.

So much for public consultation.

Ade Powell, by email