IN reply to Mr Wheeler`s letter of August 19. I would also say that his very blinkered views gave me some amusement, like all those who wished we had stayed in the EU.

There are around 190 countries around the world, yet only 28 (including the UK) decided to join the the EU, whose share of world trade has been on the decline for many years.

The UK is their largest export market creating a £90billion deficit with the UK - our exports to EU states is only around £ 45billion.

Most of the emerging economies by comparison are growing (prior to the covid virus - and will continue when it stops spiking) and as I previously stated.

There will be great opportunities for our country once we leave - deal or no deal.

The EU has always been a political creation and has ignored the views of its people Dutch, French voted against the European Constitution and the Irish told to vote again when they voted to leave the EU).

In June we voted to leave, wishing to regain our independence, having had enough of their shenanigans and take back control of governance and with it our future.

For the UK a brighter future awaits us.

Philip Griffiths, Brexit Party