THE pandemic has been an eyeopener in many ways.

It has shown that the UK has a wonderful population of predominantly responsible, benevolent and, at times, heroic people.

It has also shone a light on the ridiculous nature of the UK’s constitutional set up, revealing a situation in which the UK government only effectively governs England and the people of England – although subject to UK government – have a UK status that ends at the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish borders.

Most importantly of all, it has shown that without human activity the world would be a far cleaner, quieter and more beautiful place.

The skies have been bluer, the distance clearer – even the trees seem a deeper green.

Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, it is apparent that the way of life upon which we have come to depend is dirty, noisy and destructive.

To change our ways poses an enormous challenge but we can all play a part.

Get a bike! Plant a tree!

Robert Bone, via email