DURING this Covid virus issue, I always think of others and wear a mask on buses, in shops and doctors surgeries.

I only take it off in open spaces where it can be safe.

But while I had my my mask off in a fairly open space in the outside of Birkenhead Market, this elderly man took off his mask and coughed in my direction.

I don't know if he has the Covid19 virus.

So, I will be in a state, wondering if I’m going to develop the virus.

I did say ‘what are you playing at?’, but he never apologised. I found what he did to be appalling and inconsiderate to other people.

He does not seem to be listening to the information we are constantly being told.

I would like to know what he was doing taking his mask off to cough.

Because of this, I do not feel I want to go out again.

I have already been self-isolating for five months and it is idiots like him who will start another peak.

Details supplied