HAVE you noticed how much more everybody is walking since lockdown began?

Not just exercising the dog, but using Wirral’s many beautiful footpaths and byways. People have found ones near their homes some of which they never even knew existed.

The large variety of paths open for public recreation is thanks to our Victorian forebears who had the vision to form a Society in 1888 to preserve the Wirral's Footpaths and Open Spaces for the enjoyment of all.

Throughout Wirral evidence of their enterprise is to be found in the black and white signposts many of which date from this era.

Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society still exists, with the same aims to keep the best of Wirral open and connected for the enjoyment of all.

Our members help by volunteering for path clearance under the control of Wirral Council's rights of way officer.

We are also a campaigning body, with a key role as part of Wirral Green Space Alliance in ensuring that Wirral’s local plan does not result in development on our Green Belt.

We look forward to support from all footpath users whether “old hands” or new to the joys of walking, to keep Wirral’s beautiful network open for all.

Visit our website www.wirralfootpaths.org.uk

For more information, follow us on Facebook or contact info@ wirralfootpaths.org.uk