WITH reference to your article in the June 10 edition of Wirral Globe, entitled ‘Weed your own streets ‘plan.

As many of us keep stressing to Wirral Council, the horrific toxic aspects of using ‘Glyphosate’ re Roundup weedkiller (banned in 21 countries worldwide and 17 local authorities UK), to mainly deaf ears, the suggestion by Cllr Liz Grey for the public to hoe weeds in public places/streets.

This is clearly unrealistic. There are less harmful approaches to weed-killing or weed control.

Organic methods using Organic weedkillers and /or hand held safe Infra red weed burners .much cheaper and less environmentally hazardous. Of course weed control is important on side walks etc. But most areas left without control like verges and roundabouts etc,create a wildlife haven wildflowers /butterflys etc all what we need MORE of not less..

Charles Barnes, by email