AS to George Morgan’s report/ photos on Weed Wars, complete truths, the Council, is now suggesting residents may assist them in weed containment.

Many residents already do that (Council estates/Private residential areas), as to around perimeter of property, but not to heavy overgrowth (much of which is due to a year of Council un-attendance).

On the Noctorum estate, as in many areas to-date, it is starting to look like a Cowboy Shanty Town, all that is missing is Hay Balls blowing in the wind.

As we noticed weed encroachment into our rear garden from the Council maintained footpaths, we spent two hours in the hot sun, clearing that area, weeds of 2-3ft tall, nettles/other weeds/rubbish left by other residents.

I am sure the council would not have done the same inside our property, so if the Council/residents take no care for weed control, nature will, have its way.

Caring Prenton resident.