ON Tuesday, June 2, I knew the binmen were on their way, because I could hear the terrible noise of the bin lorry four roads away.

The noise has gone on for over 12 months, so I rang Biffa in Bromborough to complain about the lorry (no reply), Wirral Council complaints department (no reply) and, last of all, Wirral police - for, surely, there is still a noise abatement law, but, you’ve guessed it. no reply.

Why should we, the ratepayers, have to put up with this atrocious noise? The poor binmen have to listen to it every day for five days a week.

Will somebody out there, with some decency, do something about this and better the conditions these poor men are working under before they all go deaf.

Of all the working men in the country, these are the ones we would miss most.

E Plested (Mrs), Bebington