CATS Protection is asking cat owners to help prevent a kitten crisis this year.

Due to fewer vets doing neutering during Covid-19, the charity estimates as many as 84,000 extra kittens could be born this summer.

This is why we are urging people to keep their un-neutered cats indoors, and also unneutered males and females and siblings apart, until vet practices can become fully operational and resume neutering.

Cats Protection has produced an infographic with useful tips on how to stop cats becoming pregnant: neutering-your-cat

The charity can also support owners on limited incomes with the costs of neutering when vet practices are fully operational again. Call Cats Protection’s Neutering Line on 03000 12 12 12 (option 2) or visit the charity’s website at neutering.

A survey of 1,000 cat owners has highlighted many are unaware of the importance of neutering and the consequences for not neutering cats at the earliest opportunity.

Our fear is that many kittens born will be left on the streets.

Cats Protection is full up with cats and, owing to Covid19, is unable to admit many more except in emergencies.

We hope your readers can help do their bit and help to prevent a kitten crisis.

Sarah Reid, acting Head of Neutering, Cats Protection