WHILST enduring this unfamiliar lockdown, I decided to delve into my family's history.

To that end, I am trying to locate my cousin Mrs Beryl Martin (nee Jones).

I was born in Bebington, but my family moved to Manchester in 1954.

Beryl and her parents came to stay with us one Christmas and, sadly, that was the last time I remember seeing her.

Unfortunately, I have no address for her, but I know she used to live in Upton, after marrying Ian Martin in 1962.

Beryl will be in her early 80s now (her birth being registered in May 1938).

Her mother May (need Gilbert) lived into her 90s, so I’m hoping Beryl is still alive.

Beryl's daughter (Tracy) made contact, with both niece, who lives down south, in 2018 and myself in 2019 - but on both occasions, using Moonpig, she did not leave any contact details.

We find it rather strange that Tracy should supply photographs and details of old relatives, but seemingly not to want a reply.

If Tracy is reading this, it would be good to hear from her again. I can be contacted at aggie47@uwclub.net

Susan G Agnew, Rochdale